Baby Queens – Red Light


Credit: Producer / Mix Engineer / Programer

Criss-crossing the narrow divide between rock, hip hop, soul and reggae, incomparable female five piece, Baby Queens reveal details of their debut EP. A blissed out, musical odyssey that promises big things for the future.

Two sisters, two cousins and their adopted sister hailing from Cardiff announce their first official release, titled Red Light on Monday 9th September 2013. Baby Queens – Cara, Estelle, Monique, Ruth and Vanity, each equal parts songwriter, musician and music lover – launch their first AA side EP, produced by Cian Ciarán, one fifth and co-founding member of the legendary alternative rock/pop band Super Furry Animals.

Title track Red Light finds the band bouncing lush vocals off a smooth guitar line, their effortless cool embellished by deep, crisp production to take Baby Queens in a direction far from the beaten track of other modern, urban pop music. Backed by Star Light – a track which not only alters the mood from chilled to the deep freeze, but allows a solitary male voice to burst the band’s bubble – the EP is an appetite- whetting sample of the band’s potential.

The sickly sweet overtures one might expect from an all-girl band are ditched in favour of beats that force the melodic content to the fore, with the principles of classic soul and R’n’B song writing catching up with the present day sounds of British street genres. Lavishly layered vocals are wrapped up in slick production that marks out Baby Queens’ intentions to push boundaries and reintroduce to the masses what a vocal group with melody and beats in their hearts is all about. The delicate, fragile and understated is pitted against unconventional and low-down, dirty aural combinations.


Recorded in Cardiff, Wales at Ciarán’s Strangetown Studios, every track was written and played by the girls themselves. It was a record Ciarán was compelled to commit to putting down having heard the band for the first time, rehearsing in their living room during a house party. He invited them to the studio the next day, the results of which are featured on the imminent release, with the second double header set to follow, hot on its heels in November.